When There’s No HVAC System, You Have Choices

When your home, office or other space that needs cooling doesn’t have an HVAC system with ductwork installed, you have more than one option for making it more comfortable in the summer. While many people turn to window air conditioners, that’s not the only choice. And in interior rooms or other rooms without windows, that’s not a choice at all.

Today, the best portable air conditioners are better than anything that was on the market a few years ago. In fact, they’re better in a number of ways, including the following:

They’re quieter. Portable air conditioners still make a lot of noise because they’re powerful machines, but today’s models are quieter than ever before.

They cool better. Machines from the past sometimes made a lot of noise but accomplished very little. Today, machines have modern technology that allows them to cool better.

They’re more energy-efficient. Cooling better doesn’t mean using more electricity. Portable air conditioners actually use less electricity than ever and still do a better job of cooling.

They’re more reliable. Warranties are longer, and these AC units will last from season to season. In the past, some wouldn’t start up again after being in storage through the winter.

They’re less of a hassle. While you always have to vent hot air to the outside somehow, you may not have to empty a bucket of condensed water as often or at all thanks to modern evaporator units built into portable AC machines.

I’ve found that every time I buy a new portable air conditioner, the technology, the quietness and the cooling power gets better. But I think technology has probably now progressed as far as possible, and I think the machine I buy today will last me for many years. I hope that’s the case. The Honeywell portable air conditioner that kept me cool last summer is great, and I’m not looking to replace it anytime soon.

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