What Frugal Living Means To Me

It’s about more than just saving money. To me, frugal living is about establishing some sort of discipline in my life — and I like myself more when I make smart, frugal decisions. Could switching to a simple, frugal life make a difference for you?

I don’t talk a lot about the reasoning behind my goal of saving money on everything I do and buy. But discipline is a large part of the reasoning. Sure, I can afford to spend an extra dollar on my deodorant or pay $3 more for a family meal at a barbecue place. But at the same time, I can’t afford full-priced theatre and concert tickets very often, and saving here and there allows me more money leftover for things I enjoy but can’t easily afford.

People tend to use terms like simple living, frugal living and minimalist living interchangeably, but they all have subtly different meanings to me. I consider myself an advocate of simple and frugal living, but sometimes minimalist living takes things too far. I don’t choose to live with fewer than a 100 possessions, live from a suitcase or try to generate less than a teacup of trash each week.

Simply put, I just try to choose simpler and less expensive alternatives rather than expensive one. I would never choose a $2,000 leather sofa when I could have a $200 futon or IKEA sofa that does the job just as well. And I don’t like the smell of leather anyway.

What I really don’t like are people who prescribe a certain way of living to others. You live however you’re comfortable and I’ll live my way. Then we’ll all be happy. I truly think living a simple, frugal life is the best way to go, but you can decide for yourself.

If you want to live frugally, there’s lots of tips and advice here that will help. And if you don’t, thanks for reading anyway.

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