Want Freebirds Coupons? Honest Advice For Saving On Burritos

If you’ve tried Freebirds World Burrito, it’s easy to understand why you’d want some coupons. The food is great — and you can get your choice of meat whatever toppings for your item that you want. I’m addicted to the two taco combo myself, but a hybird burrito is a thing of beauty too. So where can you get some Freebirds coupons to make the price a bit better?

You have to admit, Freebirds is inexpensive to start with. That’s probably why the company’s own website admits that they just don’t issue coupons. “Freebirds offers a great value for our product based on the quality and quantity of the meal provided,” the company’s website says, “so we do not typically offer discounts or coupons.

That’s right: You aren’t likely to find any Freebirds coupons. But it’s not quite true that they don’t offer discounts.

So don’t give up on saving money at this chain of high-quality Mexican food taco-and-burrito stores. If you follow my three pieces of advice below, you can save money with every purchase:

1. Get the app.

The popular Fanatics club at Freebirds has been replaced with a smart phone app offering fewer rewards. The app hasn’t gotten good reviews, but it’s the primary way to get Freebirds discounts now. Gone, I’m afraid, are the days of getting a free entree after just 10 meal purchases. All good things must come to an end, but at least something is available to replace it. Few rewards are better than none.

2. Follow them on Facebook.

Not only will you get lots of fun and quirky posts on your Facebook timeline when you follow Freebirds on Facebook, you’ll get reminded about special offers — like free upgrades to large items and double points deals. Plus, they’ll let you know when new stores are opening. There aren’t a lot of money-saving deals on their Facebook feed, but there’s enough there to make it worth clicking “like”.

3. Get to know the employees.

Freebirds is more committed to customer service than any other quick-serve restaurant I visit, and that means two things: First, employees are likely to give extra portions to regular customers. And second, employees are taught to do what it takes to make customers happy, so if you ask for a bit more of something or a little something extra, there’s a good chance you’ll get it. Samples are available when you ask also.

While I can’t direct you to a secret source of Freebirds coupons, the three tips above can help you save some serious money.

If you don’t have the app and aren’t following Freebirds on Facebook, you’re making a mistake. And if you aren’t developing relationships at every restaurant and store you visit, that’s a mistake too — if saving money is your goal.

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