Want Aldi Coupons? Here Are Three Great Pieces Of Advice

When Aldi moves into a neighborhood, things change. Here in Texas, not only did Aldi bring much lower prices on things I use every day, but they caused Walmart, Target and even Sam’s Club to lower their prices too. It’s natural to want some Aldi coupons to help you save even more.

If you’re looking for Aldi coupons to help reduce your grocery bill, I have some good news and some bad news.

I’ll start with the bad news. As a rule, Aldi doesn’t use coupons. They don’t issue coupons of their own, and they don’t accept manufacturer coupons. The chain sells mostly store-brand merchandise, but Aldi doesn’t accept manufacturer’s coupons even on the name-brand items it sells.

I’ve noticed that Aldi sometimes sends a single coupon mailing to residents in the area of a new store, but this isn’t always done from what I understand. (If you have any additional information about the Aldi coupon policy or want to contradict anything I say on this site, please leave a comment below. I’ll edit this article as many times as necessary to make sure it’s completely accurate.)

But here’s the good news: I know of at least three ways to save at Aldi without using coupons of any kind, and here they are:

1. Watch for close-dated and overstocked meat specials.

Aldi often puts refrigerated meats on special before the next weekly shipment arrives. These are close-dated items that haven’t expired yet as well as weekly specials that didn’t sell well and overstocks. These reductions are usually $1, $2 or $3 off or half-price specials, all marked with red stickers applied directly to certain packages. In my area, chicken wings and thinly sliced skirt steak are marked down almost every week. Other items are marked down periodically. I actually get most of my meat on special at Aldi.

2. Explore reduced-priced refrigerated items.

Like meats, other refrigerated items are often put on sale as the expiration date gets close. This often includes lettuces, salad kits and special refrigerated dips and cheeses that didn’t sell well. Unlike the meats, however, these are usually marked on the shelf with handwritten signs rather than printed ones and don’t involve any red stickers. You can often get specialty items at great prices if you happen to like what others haven’t bought or what the store ordered too much of.

3. Check the breads, specialty packaged foods and produce too.

Bread is often just 49 cent a loaf at my local Aldi when it’s marked down. The expiration date is close, but the bread still seems to last a couple of weeks or more if refrigerated. Overstocked fruits and veggies are often marked down too. And specialty and seasonal items like candy and non-food products don’t seem to move well at Aldi, so many of them are marked down after their first week passes. Look for major markdowns anywhere in the store, but you’re especially likely to find them in the seasonal and bread sections.

While I wish I could provide you a secret source for some Aldi coupons, there simply isn’t one. But with the advice here, I hope you can save money every week.

I buy at least one marked-down item almost every time I’m at Aldi, and you can find special deals too — if you look around a bit and take note of your local store’s markdown and restocking patterns.

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