Travel Perfume Atomizers: Everything You Need to Know

Ever wished you could carry your favorite fragrance with you on your big vacation? Or just looking for a convenient way to take scent to work, the store or wherever life leads you? Whichever the case may be, you would want to get your hands on a travel perfume atomizer!

As we know, it’s simply impractical to be carrying around that beautiful-yet-bulky package of your favorite scent from place to place — you need something small, cute and stylish that’s also sure to hold the perfect amount of scent!

So now what?

There are quite a few things to keep in mind before taking the plunge. Most importantly, you need to learn the difference between pump-fill travel atomizers and spray-fill travel atomizers.

The good thing is, the both of them are sure to get the job done, but it’s still great to know about their unique benefits.

In this post, we’re going to explore just about everything pump-fill and spray-fill travel atomizers have to offer so you can make the right purchase decision. Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

The Benefits of Pump-Fill and Spray-Fill Travel Perfume Atomizers

Pump-Fill Travel Perfume Atomizer

For starters, pump-fill travel atomizers make it exceptionally easy to transfer perfume from its original container and you won’t need to worry about leaks or spills — as long as the sprayer on your favorite perfume isn’t permanently attached. In essence, you won’t need to worry about wasting the perfume — the scent literally goes from the perfume bottle’s spray nozzle to the travel container.

The pump-fill travel atomizer makes it possible to carry your favorite scent wherever you please, and the best part is, it can hold over 70 sprays in many cases. This simply means that you won’t have to refill it very often — and honestly, what could be better?

It’s also good to know that top-quality travel perfume atomizers feature sturdy glass containers which maintain the purity of the scent.

Looking to fill or refill your pump-fill travel atomizer? Well, it’s pretty simple! You only need to remove the spray nozzle from the original bottle, then place the bottom of the travel atomizer over the tip of the sprayer on the bottle. Just press it straight down to get your favorite fragrance into the handy container!

Note: There’s no point in buying a pump-fill atomizer if your original bottle comes with a permanent nozzle. In other words, this super handy perfume accessory won’t work if the nozzle can’t be lifted off. Do take note of this before taking the plunge.

Spray-Fill Travel Perfume Atomizer

Better in some ways than pump-fill travel atomizers, spray-fill atomizers work great with just about every brand of perfume on the market — you can get your favorite fragrance and fill it in!  You’ll also be glad to know that transferring the perfume from your favorite bottle to the travel atomizer is as easy as can be.

So how does it work? Well, just unscrew the bottom cap, tilt the device to a 45-degree angle and spray away. Just be sure that the perfume enters the mini built-in funnel. Now you can replace the bottom cap and head out with your atomizer!

The spray-fill travel atomizer also features a sturdy inner glass container that maintains the purity and quality of the perfume, and it can hold up to 70 sprays. It’s pretty much the same as its pump-fill counterpart. But if the perfume you use has a permanent top, a spray-fill travel perfume atomizer may be your only choice.

The Bottom Line?

The two types of travel perfume atomizers can be filled and refilled with ease. Moreover, both can be washed and used over and over again. That means you can buy perfume online as often as you like and keep changing brands until you find one that’s perfectly you.

If you’ve gone through the benefits of each, you’ll find that the pump-fill version provides the cleanest way to transfer perfume. However, It’s unlikely to work for some of the most popular perfume brands that come with permanent nozzles. The spray-fill model would probably be your go-to since it offers more compatibility and ease of use.

Happy buying!

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