The Perfect 45th Anniversary Gag Gift

Arriving at Target late one Friday night, we were desperate to find a 45th anniversary gift for a couple who are known to be jokers. What would it be?

I quickly did a search online for anniversary gifts. As it happens, the 45th anniversary is the sapphire anniversary. That means the ideal gift would be bright blue.

First, we needed the perfect funny anniversary card. That was easy to find. Then we needed some blue gifts. If you want a 45th anniversary gag gift, it needs to be something that comes in a blue container and that takes into account the age of the recipients. Obviously, people who’ve been married that long will at least be in their 60s.

So why not go to the pharmacy?

As it happens, Vick’s Vaporub and Phillips Milk of Magnesia both come in bright blue containers — and they’re the perfect gag gift for a high-number anniversary or any birthday over age 60. Of course, you could pick out some equally funny and also blue items for your present. Blue tortilla chips, blue cheese and Blue Bunny ice cream are less controversial items that come to mind.

We put the gifts in a blue gift bag and added a line to the card: “The 45th is the sapphire anniversary, but who needs jewels at your age?” That set up the joke perfectly — and the total cost was only about $13, so it wasn’t an expensive one.

So how did the gift go over?

The couple got lots of funny cards that got a laugh. They also got a huge bottle of liquor that they look photos with. And they got a couple of nice items too. But our gift came toward the end. And it got a huge laugh as well as plenty of kudos for creativity!

You see, no one else had bothered to look up that the 45th anniversary is sapphire, so the gift came from nowhere and made a particularly good impact.

You may not get that lucky, but if you know your recipients and know they like a good joke, this should work well for you. So why not give it a try?

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