The Best Micathermic Heater May Turn You Off At First

It’s the unusual look that at first turned me off, but once I realized how well the best Bionaire micathermic heater work, I was sold. And you probably will be too.

What I need in my ordinary home isn’t a bunch of show pieces, it’s appliances that work as they should. And that’s exactly what the Bionaire micathermic heater does. The Bionaire BH3950-U Silent Micathermic Console Heater doesn’t look like most space heaters. But that’s okay since it performs better than most of the other ones I’ve tried.

Actually, the tall, flat and sleek look is a design feature, not a design mistake. Since this model works by convection heat, it needs all that space to make and distribute the heat effectively. When you add in the quiet fan, it works even better.

When the fan is turned to low, it works good and is silent, not making any sound at all. Turn this best Bionaire micathermic heater to high and you can hear a bit of noisy, but it’s still much less than any other brand of fan-driver heater I’ve tried in my home. Over time, the fan seems to get a bit weaker and maybe even rattle a bit, but this doesn’t impact the performance. And every space heater I’ve ever had wears out eventually. That’s just what happens.

You may not be familiar with micathermic heat and the funny looking heaters that use this convention technology, but once you get your first one, you’ll be hooked. There are other good space heaters on the market, but none exceed this Bionaire model. Don’t let the design turn you off and instead become turned on to the unique features of this great little unit.

You’ll probably go through a lot of space heaters in a lifetime, and this one will always be a standout for you because of its exceptionally good performance. I’m sure of that.

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