Some Pie Five Coupons And Special Offers Are Available

The idea behind Pie Five is simple: you can get a personal pizza exactly as you want it in five minutes. Rather than waiting 20 to 30 minutes for what you want from a traditional pizza place, you can standing in line, pick your toppings and watch your pizza cook in minutes.

This newish concept launched by Pizza Inn in 2011 in the Fort Worth-Dallas area is a somewhat flawed concept. First, lines can be very long because every customer must wait several minutes for the pizza to be made, cooked, cut, paid for and served. Second, Subway sandwich shops have been making pizzas in their special ovens for years that cook in just 90 seconds, so there may not have been a need for another entrant in this field.

Pie Five Discounts And Coupons

There is one primary way to save at Pie Five. By far the best approach is to join the Circle Of Crust, the company’s creatively titled email club. You’ll get notices of specials and an offer on your birthday. Other offers include $5 pies or something similar on the days around holidays and other times when business is slow.

When you join the club, you’ll also be notified of new pizza offerings and learn about new locations. With only nine or 10 locations when we last checked, this chain is sure to grow. It’s true that the pizza is only a slight step up from a frozen pizza and not nearly as good as Pizza Hut or Papa John’s, for example, but a pizza from Pie Five still makes a decent lunch.

You may catch some additional deals by following the company page and the individual locations on Facebook. Look for free pizza offers when new locations open too.

Watching For More

Maybe you can tell from the tone of this article that I’m not a huge fan of Pie Five. It’s hard to find a Pie Five review with much positive to say about the chain. And here’s something interesting: the only times I’ve ever been there were when claiming a discount offer from the Circle of Crust club — like my birthday offer or a special low-price offer. I think the chain’s pizzas are otherwise overpriced for the quality, but that’s just my opinion.

I’ll be watching for more Pie Five coupons, specials and deals, and I’ll update this page when I have something else to report.

Pizza Inn is probably hoping to revitalize itself with the Pie Five chain, and I don’t see that happening. But when you can get a pizza free or for a good price, it just might be worth it to give this mini-chain a try. You might like it more than I do.

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