Smashburger Coupons Are Harder To Find Than Ever

Signing up for the Smashburger Smashclub is one of the best ways to get coupons and special offers from this growing chain, but there are fewer of those precious offers than ever before. Still, it’s possible navigate the Smashbuger experience without spending a lot of money.

If you haven’t yet tried Smashburger, you’re missing a real treat. The burgers are good. While they’re a bit pricey, they’re high-quality burgers that you and your family will enjoy. The chain has more than 300 locations, some owned by the company and some franchised. Founded in Denver, Smashburger has locations in more than 30 states.

One of the selling points of Smashburger is the wide array of topping choices, like avocado and fried egg. These are available in a build-your-own format where you choose from free and extra-charge topping to have added to your burger. Specialty burgers with a pre-selected list of toppings are also available.

Smashburger Coupons And Offers

Remember, the chain has great burgers and pretty good grilled chicken sandwiches. The salads are good as well. But some things this chain of hamburger restaurants offers aren’t very good.

With that in mind, here’s some advice for saving money at Smashburger:

1. Join the Smashclub. I got a lot of great coupons in the months following joining the Smashclub, the chain’s email list. This included free and heavily discounted items. In recent months, I’ve gotten fewer offers. In fact, I didn’t even get my usual birthday offer this year. But I did get a notice about getting $5 extra when buying $25 in gift cards recently, so the list isn’t completely dead. Some users report getting an offer for $2 off a $5 purchase for signing up with the list recently, and every little bit helps.

2. Skip the fries. For a hamburger restaurant, Smashbuger has terrible fries. No one I’ve ever dined with liked them. They’re thin, coated and salty. When you can get fresh fries made only from potatoes at places like In-N-Out, I can’t imagine why you would add the lackluster and funny-tasting fries at Smashburger to your order. The portion size is also very small, so skip the fries and have some of your favorite down the street. I can’t understand why the fries at this chain are so bad.

3. Skip the shakes. There’s nothing wrong with the shakes, but the prices are incredibly high. Stop at an ice cream shop or a lower-priced place for shakes as a treat later — and don’t fall for ordering a shake as an upgrade during your meal. It’s a lot of money, and the burger will probably fill you up anyway.

Try the haystack onions if your budget allows, however. They’re great.

It’s really a shame there aren’t more Smashburger coupons and offers, but you can save by taking advantage of what’s available and ordering wisely.

At Smashburger, the name tells you what you need to order for the best dining experience. Have a burger — or have a chicken sandwich if you must. But skip the fries and shakes to save money.

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