Save Money Several Ways At QT Convenience Stores

If you’re like thousands of people, you stop at a QuikTrip convenience store every day. I only visit about once a week, and I do it for the same reason as many others: great drinks, great pastries, good egg rolls and good prices.

While the first QT opened in Tulsa in 1958, most people have only learned about the advantages of QT over RaceTrac and 7-Eleven in the last few years. With over 700 stores in the Southern part of the United States, word is surely spreading quickly about the chain.

The great prices are sometimes even better when you have a QuikTrip coupon or know about some of the specials, tips and tricks related to saving money at this convenience store chain.

QT Coupons And Offers

There are three great ways I’ve discovered to save money at QuikTrip, and all of them amount to substantial savings. They include the following:

1. Save on pastries in the afternoon. After 3 p.m. all fresh pastries are discounted to just 69 cents at most locations. Sometimes there’s a sign indicating this pricing and sometimes there isn’t, so ask. You can get premium pastries like apple fritters as well as normally high-priced muffins at less than half price. And they’re also perfectly fresh when I’ve tried them. Plus, regular and chocolate donuts are discounted as well.

2. Save on fountain drinks in large quantity. You can save a few cents on tea, coffee and soft drinks by bringing your own reusable cup, but the biggest savings come when you get a large quantity of a drink. For example, take note of the gallon price if you bring your own container. On a recent visit, I was able to get a gallon of their fresh mango tea for a party for $1.59. That’s less than the price of a gallon of tea at Walmart, and the tea at QT is very good.

3. Join QT Connect for QT coupons, surveys and offers. When you join QT Connect, the company sends surveys and special offers. It’s a strange signup that involved entering your email several times and completing some demographic questions, but you can reap the rewards when you get QT coupons for free or for just a few moments of your time.

An don’t forget to sign up for the app — which offers even more savings!

Other Ways To Save At QuickTrip

Also, QT maintains a Facebook page, so you might want to watch that page for other announcements and offers. I haven’t seen much other than marketing posts there recently, but you never know when something good might show up. If you’re interested in QuikTrip coupons, you can’t afford not to follow the company’s official fan page.

The QT website features an offers section, but there hasn’t been anything there recently. Maybe you’ll find something there when you check.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any ways to save on gas at QT, but I’ll keep looking and update this page when I learn something.

QT’s prices are better than the completion — and stores are clean and bright. Whether you’re on your daily commute or a drive across the country, a QT store is a great alternative to stopping at another McDonald’s or another dirty truck stop.

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