Register Booster Fan Review: Is Suncourt The Right Choice?

A register booster fan is a rather simple device that increases the amount of air coming out of a vent to help improve the air circulation in a room and at least make the occupants feel that the temperature is more comfortable.

One of the most popular brands of register booster fans on the market is Suncourt. The Suncourt HC300 Flush Fit Register Booster — available from Amazon — is among the most commonly available models.

According to the company, these Suncourt air register boosters can increase the airflow coming out of a vent by up to 85 percent, but does that rise result in increased comfort for those in the room?

They Really Work

Some online reviews have been somewhat critical of similar register booster fans, and that’s to be expected. People who find that the device functions as it says it will rarely bother to write online reviews. For the most part, only those who are dissatisfied sound off.

Some people are also confused by exactly what these air vent booster fans do. They don’t actually lower the temperature of the air coming out of the vent. If the air coming out is already cold, however, but it’s simply not blowing with as much velocity as it should, these fans work great.

That’s right: Suncourt register booster fans work as advertised for most users, making them a great value for the small price they cost. And since they can help lower electric bills by keeping homeowners from having to change their thermostats, they are an especially good deal.

Only One Small Issue

A problem could arise, however, if the air vent you want to boost is not located near an electrical outlet. These fans have to get power from somewhere, and many models don’t have a battery option. That means the fan must plug into an electrical outlet.

Some people find this required electrical connection unsightly, but these electrical cords are no more unsightly than any other. It’s a good tradeoff anyway. Having to have a cord running from your air vent is a small price to pay for a room that’s much more comfortable than before.

Most models are intended to fit into a 4-inch by 10-inch vent, but adapter plates are available to allow Suncourt register booster fans to fit into other sizes of vents.

Some manufacturers claim a 3 to 5 degree reduction in the temperature of a room when a register booster fan is in place. That certainly seems possible since these ingenious devices push air that was simply drifting out of vents into the portions of the room where occupants can benefit.

Ordering a register booster fan like the ones shown on this page from Amazon is probably your best bet. The fans already come with a generous warranty, but Amazon’s return policy makes getting your money back quick and simple if you decide the device isn’t for you.

You probably won’t want to return your vent booster fan, however.

Once you feel for yourself how much difference one of these fans makes in the comfort of your home’s hardest-to-ventilate rooms, you’ll want to order more.

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