Not Having To Install Wiring Is Reason Enough To Choose A Solar Powered Attic Fan

There are many reasons to choose a solar powered attic fan. In many cases, people choose them over wired-in models to save themselves some money on powering the fan. And the money savings can add up. When you use a solar powered attic fan, you not only get the benefit of not having to pay for powering the fan, but you also get the energy-saving benefits of having an attic fan to clear the hot air from your home.

And you can save substantially in hassles and electrician fees too. While a regular whole house attic fan must be wired into your home’s wiring, a solar attic fan doesn’t need any wiring. Since most homes don’t have electricity running into the attic, that means homeowners who choose solar fans don’t have the incur the cost of having a new circuit installed, having wires run to the attic and then having one or more fans hooked into this new line.

Don’t get me wrong: wired attic fans are fairly easy to install — not much more difficult than putting in a ceiling fan or a new lighting fixture. But if there isn’t already electricity running to that part of the attic, putting it in can be a real hassle and add significantly to the cost of having the fan.

Solar attic fans were once considered inferior to wired fans because they weren’t very powerful. But today’s better solar cells, better fan motors and improved designs mean that they work more effectively than ever before. Like all attic fans, they work best when the outside air is cool and fresh and the inside air is warmer and stale. When it’s just as hot or humid outside as inside, no attic fan type can help much. It’s also important to open windows during attic fan operation for best results.

Wiring is complicated and frustrating to do yourself and costly to have done by an electrician. So why not avoid the hassles and turn to a solar powered attic fan for your home?