Mall Eyeglasses Stores Are Overpriced, So Stay Home And Order Online

If you’ve been buying your eyeglasses in a mall eyeglasses store, at a discount store or at a membership warehouse, you’re paying way too much. In fact, you could be paying more than 10 times as much as you should.

When you order eyeglasses online from a reputable and established manufacturer like Zenni Optical, you pay only for lenses, frames and the features you need. You don’t have to pay for high retail store overhead and a large staff of retail employees.

You can get complete single vision glasses for $6.95 from Zenni Optical. When you add anti-glare coating for the computer and shipping charges, you can get great glasses of the same quality or better than mall glasses places for less than $20. Upgrade the frames, change the lenses to a different type, add tint and other features for a little more.

But there’s no way you’ll have to pay the $200 to $300 that glasses cost at the mall. Even bifocals from Zenni Optical are considerably less expensive than those you get in one hour at a discount store or the mall. That includes either traditional lined bifocals or more modern progressive bifocals.

I first discovered Zenni Optical when I was going through a rough patch financially and needed new glasses to help me continue my writing career. I thought the idea of glasses for a tenth what they cost in stores was too good to be true, but once you consider how much the company saves by not having retail locations, it all starts to make sense.

Mall glasses places are designed around speed and convenience, not value. Even their sale prices can be five times as much as ordering directly from a manufacturer with low overheads and all their operations combined in one location.

So if you’re looking for a great way to save on eyeglasses, stay home. You can order eyeglasses online and save hundreds over going to local store. That means you can spend your money on something else — or get several pairs to match all your clothes. It’s up to you, but you come out better either way.

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