It’s Possible To Save Money At Torchy’s Tacos Without Coupons

The expanding Torchy’s Tacos chain offers individual tacos at fair prices as well as homemade chips with salsa, queso, guacamole and a few other things. But mostly, it’s a modestly priced taco place with a big bar. You can’t call the food cheap, but the tacos are large and of high quality, so they’re a fairly good deal for what you get.

But it’s possible to get more for your money at Torchy’s Tacos when you order right and think carefully. There may not be many Torchy’s coupons out there for you to find to save you money, but you can save when you take the following actions:

1. Get an extra taco to share. It may seem strange to get an extra taco to save money, but many people order two tacos each at Torchy’s, and that’s more than most people can eat. That’s especially true if you add chips and queso or salsa to your order. Instead, order one taco each and then add an extra taco to share with your dining companion, if you have one. We usually make the added taco something we haven’t tried before. It’s a good way to try something new without being stuck with a whole taco you don’t like.

2. Order breakfast. The breakfast tacos at Torchy’s cost less, are the same size as the lunch tacos — and are really good. The simple one with eggs, cheese and bacon may be the best, but you can pay just a little more and get something more complex. If you don’t want a whole meal of breakfast food, make your shared added taco a breakfast one and save yourself a dollar or more.

3. Order your taco on corn tortillas. Have you learned the corn tortilla trick yet? When you get your food on a corn tortilla, you get two tortillas instead of one. You can then divide your food between them and have a more fulfilling eating experience. Depending on what’s inside the taco, the corn tortillas may fall apart, but that’s okay. You’ll probably need a knife and fork when eat at Torchy’s anyway.

4. Forget the drinks. Whether colas or alcoholic drinks, they’re overpriced at Torchy’s Tacos. Have water, the stop at a convenience store for your soft drinks or hit your favorite watering hole later to extend the evening. Things move quickly at Torchy’s — and the place is noisy — so you’ll be glad to go somewhere else when your meal is done.

Believe me, if I knew of a source for Torchy’s Tacos coupons, I’d tell you. I like eating at this place and don’t mind that it’s always so busy. Most people don’t mind paying the price. But if you look around the next time you’re there, you’ll see that lots of folks know the secrets to saving money at Torchy’s.

When you forget the drinks, order modestly and choose breakfast sometimes or have your meal on corn tortillas, you can cut your bill in half. That means you can go there twice as often, doesn’t it?

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