Is Stubble In Or Out?

Depending on where you live, you may have noticed the trend changing: there are fewer guys with stubble and more with either clean-shaven faces or beards.

Around here, stubble beards — either trimmed at the neckline or not — have been in style for the last couple of years. Now, however, I’m noticing more guys who seem to be shaving every day again. But what I’m also noticing are a lot more medium-length, carefully groomed beards.

Like me, a lot of guys apparently saw the stubble on their faces and decided it would look and feel even better if they let it grow out more. Also, some guys never really learned how to get stubble that looks consistent and natural every day, so they just shave once or twice a week and let nature take its course the rest of the time.

So what’s really in style these days? Is stubble in style? Are beards still a thing? What about yeards, untrimmed beards and going for terminal length? And then there’s a trend involving straight razors and learning to shave the way men did generations ago.

Here’s the truth: individuality is more in style than ever before.

It’s not uncommon to see a guy with a big beard having a beer with a clean-shaving man. And sitting close by is a guy with a curly handlebar mustache. A frat boy with a carefully trimmed stubble beard might be in the same bar or restaurant too.

In generations past, men seems to want to look alike. They got haircuts that were all pretty much the same and shaved their faces. Today, a little bit of everything is taking hold. You can do whatever you want with your facial hair and still fit into just about any crowd. Even conservative workplaces now allow goatees, beards and more. And high schools where there was once a dress code prohibiting facial hair have students going for a year of untrimmed facial hair.

So do what you want. Stubble is in style — and so are lots of other kinds of facial hair as well as the absence of it. It’s a great time to be a guy.

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