If Shaving Irritates Your Skin, Stop! Or Try These Remedies

Shaving irritation is actually very common among guys, but there are a number of things you can do to bring this life annoyance to an end.

The most obvious one is to stop shaving. Stubble and beards are more in style now than at any time in the last several generations, and if you have enough facial hair to get irritation when you shave, you probably have enough for some good-looking stubble or a nice beards. There’s still the issue of shaving around the stubble or beard if you have a lot of growth and need to clean it up a bit, but this can often be done with a beard trimmer instead of with a razor and it might not cause as much irritation.

It’s certainly worth a try to end your shaving problems by simply not shaving anymore.

If you want a different sort of solution, change the way you shave. Some people get benefit from shaving every other day. If your beard is blonde or it doesn’t grow very fast or thick, you could probably get by with this and reduce the irritation by reducing the frequency of your shaves. You certainly don’t need to shave on your days off or when you know you won’t be seeing many people.

Another shaving irritation remedy is to use different products. Try a straight razor, a new brand of safety razor or a better shaving foam. Some guys find that shaving with shaving oil works better than with foam or that using an oil or other skin care product after shaving can make a big difference. I don’t shave very often anymore, but when I do, I always use a moisturizer after doing it and again the next morning.

I’ve reach the point where I never shave two days in a row — and usually find that having a closely trimmed but full beard is the best approach for me.

If shaving irritates your skin, you don’t have to stand for it. You can make some changes and eliminate the irritation from your life.

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