If PF Pain Can Sideline The Big Guys, Why Not You?

In the world of sports, PF pain has, from time to time, sidelined some big-name players. That’s right: pain from plantar fasciitis and related heel spurs can be bad enough to sideline big-time sports players who are conditioned to play through pain and never let their discomfort show. No wonder this kind of PF pain can sideline you sometimes too.

In early October 2013, for example, there was a lot of talk in sports media about Boston Red Sox baseball player Mike Napoli. For months, he had battled plantar fasciitis in his left foot, taking many periods of rest. Each time, he came back strong — and had to drop away and rest his foot again before too long.

Commentators took note of how these frequent absences from the game seemed to be messing with the pro player’s rhythm, interrupting streaks of good performance and perhaps causing streaks of bad or at least mediocre performance.

Is PF pain interrupting streaks of good performance for you — taking away from the good outcomes you deserve out of life?

Around the same time, Brooklyn Nets basketball guard Joe Johnson was in the news because of his poor performance in previous NBA games. It was a problem with his plantar fasciia, he told reporters. If it would “pop” — or stretch free — he’d be okay after a couple weeks of rest, but he didn’t experience any kind of breakthrough until he was into the playoff season, too late to do any good.

The last thing any of us want is for the breakthrough on our PF pain to come too late in the game — too late in the day, too late in life — to do us any good.

You see, most of us don’t play games for a living, so a few days, weeks or years of foot pain may not keep us from supporting our families. But over those weeks and years we gradually start to take a less active role in life. Perhaps our weight starts to creep up because we just can’t move around like we used to. And the increased weight makes the foot pain worse.

But there are simple things that can help PF pain, including rest, cortisone injections and even surgery. Perhaps the most effective solution, however, is shoe insoles — available from Amazon — that take away a bit of the pressure. Some models of specialty orthotics and heel seats even shift the pressure forward a bit, gently and eventually massaging away the pain you’ve had for years.

Shoe insoles are proven to work for PF pain, and heel seats — also available from Amazon — are proven to help eliminate the pain for good when used consistently.

So what would it take to get your back in the game? If some good shoe insoles, heel seats or other custom orthotics could be all you need to eliminate your PF pain, what are you waiting for?

You may not have to go on the injured reserve list every time your foot hurts, but you are missing out on some of life’s most important plays. Get the cushioning and support you need, and get back into the game of life.

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