How’s The Best Way Of Getting Started With Straight Razor Shaving?

Have you been hearing about all the benefits of shaving with a straight razor but aren’t sure you can afford everything you need to get started? The most important thing is to get a good quality razor, then straight razor shaving is a breeze. But you’ll need a few other things to go along with it no matter how you look at.

Don’t overbuy if you’re just starting out. This way of dealing with the constant burden of facial hair isn’t something that everyone enjoys. Some find it too tedious. Others find that they can’t really hold the straight razor at the right angle without a lot of effort.

Most guys, however, really like this method of keeping their five o’clock shadow under control. While there are lots of guys with beards, goatees, curly mustaches and stubble these days, there are still plenty who want a close shave.

So what should your extreme shaving kit contain to get you off to the right start? Here are my suggestions:
– a good straight razor, the most important piece of the puzzle
– a leather strop to sharpen it on
– some paste to use with the strop, and
– a honing stone.

The best straight razor shaving kits will also include a shaving brush, some soap to use for shaving and maybe even a bowl to mix the soap and water in to make your shaving cream. Smaller and less expensive sets may not have all these things included and you’ll have to buy them yourself separately.

So if all that’s holding you back from getting the best shave of your life is getting the right set, now you know what you need. If there’s any fear about getting it wrong, hurting yourself or spending too much, don’t worry. Start with a great set and you’ll soon see why this was the way guys kept their faces smooth for generations. If it was good enough for them, surely it’s good enough for you too.

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