How To Cook Rice In A Crock-Pot Fast!

Some things don’t immediately make sense. For example, cooking rice in a Crock-Pot is a bit counterintuitive. That’s because slow cookers are designed for low and slow cooking. But if you cook rice low and slow, you get risotto — or some kind of creamy mess that won’t go good with your Chinese food or other meals where separate and only slightly sticky grains of rice are required.

So you have to keep that in mind when considering how to cook rice in a Crock-Pot fast. By most standards of measuring time, cooking rice in a slow cooker isn’t very fast at all. But as slow cooking goes, it’s a relatively quick process.

Cooking a roast in a slow cooker can take five to eight hours. Cooking rice in a slow cooker is possible in just an hour and a half or so.

There are many kinds of rice and many methods I’ve seen, but here’s what I like: I simply add 2 cups of jasmine rice to a slow cooker along with 3 1/3 cups of water. Then I cook it on high for an hour and a half. It’s best to stir once or perhaps twice during that cooking time.

That’s very literally all there is to it. I don’t add salt or oil, and I don’t do anything else.

I prefer jasmine rice when cooking white rice because you get long, individual grains instead of a sticky mess. If you want it a bit stickier, try a different rice or simply cook it a bit longer.

Take note that this method is for raw rice, not rice that’s quick cooking or has been partially cooked already. That will turn to mush in a Crock-Pot fairly quickly.

So is an hour and a half fast? Well, not really. But this foolproof method of cooking rice in a slow cooker never fails — and it makes a lot of rice. You can then freeze the leftovers and warm quickly in the microwave.

Slow cookers aren’t made for cooking rice, but they do the job admirably if you follow the right method.

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