How Can I Keep An Outdoor Space Cool?

If you’re having a summer party outdoors, under a tent, in a large garage or in another large location where there’s no built-in system for keeping the place cool, you’ll want to invest in one or more portable evaporative coolers.

If it’s hot and humid as well, evaporative coolers may not provide complete relief, but if it’s hot and dry, there’s no better choice for keeping your party cool and comfortable. You can’t expect the same level of cool that you would get from a compressor air conditioner or from a room with central heat and air, but you can get enough cooling power from a water cooler to make a significant difference.

The best portable evaporate cooler is one that’s powerful enough to do the job right. This means it needs to be fairly large and have a powerful fan.

You see, evaporative coolers — also called water coolers — work by circulating water through pads inside the unit. As the fan blows across the wet pads, cool air is created. That’s why when it’s already humid in an area, evaporative coolers are less effective. But when the air is dry, that cool humidity added to the air can really make a difference.

And even though portable evaporative coolers can be moved around, some people leave them in one place in a workshop or other space where there’s always a need for more cool air. My dad, for example, had an older model water cooler in his shed where he did most of his work. In a case like that, you can sit in front of it most of the time and get maximum benefit from the cool, damp air before it dissipates into the warm outdoors.

So how can a large outdoor or semi-outdoor space be kept cool? In many cases, a portable evaporative cooler is the best idea. While these units aren’t perfect, there’s no better way to do the job.

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