Get Del Taco Coupons And Save In Other Ways Too

I have to confess that I eat at Del Taco all the time, and I almost never pay full price. That’s because there’s always something new and on special, plus the email club sends out offers a couple times a month. And there are other ways to save too.

Haven’t heard of Del Taco or think they’re all out of business? The chain of Americanized Mexican fast food restaurants grew across the nation for a while, then pulled out of many areas. Now, the chain operates in about 17 states (when I checked most recently), mostly on the West Coast. The return to Texas and later the return to the Orlando area were heralded as big news in the restaurant industry.

Significantly better than Taco Bell or Taco Bueno, Del Taco focuses on inexpensive fresh food. Stores offer ground turkey tacos, fish tacos and other premium choices. Chicken soft tacos are also a popular item. Unusually, Del Taco also offers burgers and crinkle-cut fries, both as good as or better than any other fast-food chain. Chili cheese fries are also a popular item.

Del Taco Coupons And Offers

There are three great ways to get Del Taco coupons. The first and best is the Raving Fan EClub, an email club. You get a gift for joining — two chicken tacos when I checked last. You also get an offer or two every month. Recently, they sent out coupons for a free turkey taco with purchase and have also offer fish and steak tacos for free, among other things. The company announces new products and gives you other bits of insight through the club too, and you’ll get a gift on your birthday. Mine was a free shake.

Second, watch your receipt for a survey. Often, there’s a survey on the receipt worth $1 off your next purchase of $3 or more. For a few moments of your time, you can get your meal at a discount, and that’s a great deal.

Third, look in your bag or on your tray. Several times each year there’s a coupon offered in-store for good savings on popular items. You can often save $1 on a combo or get a discount for trying the Double Del cheeseburger.

Other Ways To Save At Del Taco

Additionally, you can save by ordering smart. As with all fast food restaurant:
– forget the overpriced drinks and have water
– order carefully to avoid high-markup items, and
– don’t over-order.

Keep in mind that the Del Taco ground beef taco is larger than competing products, so you can probably manage with fewer of them. One Del Taco with fries is enough for many people at lunch. Or try two of the inexpensive chicken tacos.

Many locations have Taco Night on Tuesday when regular ground beef tacos are discounted and Thursday night when chicken tacos are discounted.

The chain also features a value menu that includes a bacon quesadilla for under a dollar and several burritos as well as a couple of discounted drink options.

Be sure to check the Del Taco website too. The specials offered to the EClub are often also available to anyone who looks at the Specials section of the site.

When you watch for coupons and make smart choices, you can save significantly at Del Taco, a well-priced and enjoyable fast food chain. When you want a great alternative to the usual fast-food fare, go for something fresher and better at Del Taco. Even if you have to pay regular price, you’ll get a pretty good deal.

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