Gay And Lesbian Resources Hard To Find In Some Cities

Locating gay and lesbian resources in some cities is difficult despite widespread and growing acceptance of this group. In some cities, gay and lesbian alliances that were once the leading voices in the community are difficult to locate online or don’t exist at all.

Ironically, greater overall acceptance means that these groups are less necessary than in the past and therefore many of them have folded.

Many large cities no longer have gay and lesbian newspapers, once the primary connection between the gay and lesbian people in the area who aren’t connected with the rest of their community through and social, political or religious organizations.

A good example is Fort Worth, Texas. Lesbians and gays in Fort Worth have a website or two with some information, but there’s no gay and lesbian newspaper and no prominent organization leading the community. There is, however, a gay paper in nearby Dallas, but it rarely covers Fort Worth news — perhaps because there’s rarely anything worth covering. There is a gay film festival, but it comes to prominence only once a year and through occasional events at other times of the year.

Simply put, the success of integrating gay and lesbian people into society as a whole and the success this group has had gaining civil rights has, in some ways, decreased the community’s visibility. Imagine being a television reporter trying to get comments on a court ruling or an incident from a gay community leader. In some area, there’s simply no place to turn for a response.

But it’s hard to interpret this as anything but a good thing. While gays and lesbian may not be as organized as they once were, they’re more accepted than at anytime in recorded history. And that improves the quality of life for everyone on the planet who values diversity.

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