Fuzzy Taco Smart Ordering Advice For Savings And Health

Looking for the right ordering strategy at Fuzzy Taco to get the best value and also not blow your diet? There are things you can do when ordering at Fuzzy’s Tacos to get the best overall deal for you. Prices for some items can be a bit higher than some people would like, but when you order smart, you can overcome this problem and keep the waistline in check too.

Here are some specific pieces of advice for smart ordering at Fuzzy Taco:

1. Sharing is the order of the day. Portions are large — especially the salads. So share with your partner or a friend for the best value and to get the portion size down to something reasonable. Don’t be shy about asking for a second plate when you pick up the order so you can easily share without eating off the same plate.

2. Forget about the queso. That’s for two reasons. First, it’s a bit expensive. And second, it’s very literally nothing but fat in a bowl. Instead, opt for chips and salsa. Fuzzy’s Tacos has relatively mild salsa that’s right for a variety of people’s tastes. Still, the chips are high in carbs and fat. Forget about them altogether for cost savings and to make your meal healthier.

3. Opt for chicken choices. You may know that the ground beef and steak are high in saturated fat and calories, but don’t choose a fish taco instead. Fish is deep fried in a heavy batter and can’t be considered healthy. Plus, you don’t get much fish for your money. Choose chicken-based entrees for better health and to get more food for the cost.

4. Choose water with your meal. For savings and health, you probably know that you should avoid the alcohol. But avoid the soft drinks too. A couple of those large souvenir cups of cola can easily have more calories than a couple of tacos. While Fuzzy’s iced tea is usually good, it’s not worth the price, so stick to water. It will help you feel fuller without eating as much anyway.

So there you have it: some great advice for avoiding overeating and overspending at Fuzzy Taco. Are you planning to put this advice into practice for dinner tonight?

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