Funny Little Glasses For The Serious Problem Of Computer Vision Syndrome

PC Peekers are special computer reading glasses that fit right inside your existing eyeglasses and help your eyes adjust to the unique distance of a computer monitor from your face. If you already wear glasses and find that neither your distance glasses nor your bifocals are right for looking at the computer, getting some PC Peekers could be just the thing for you.

Computer vision syndrome sounds like one of those made-up diseases of the modern era, but it couldn’t be more serious. While it can put your eye health at risk, even a mild case of computer vision syndrome can very easily put your livelihood at risk if working on the computer is involved in what you do for a living.

At first, you may wonder: do PC Peekers work? But once your order your pair and start using them, you’ll see right away that they’re a significant improvement over glasses that aren’t made for computer use.

Even if your eye doctor hasn’t specifically used the term computer vision syndrome, you may have the condition. Some call it computer eye strain. Others refer only to whatever specific symptoms you have, like blurriness, itching, pain or chronic dry eye.

And there are plenty of people who benefit from simply being able to see the computer better who don’t have any pain or symptoms. They simply can’t see well enough to get any work done, then they add PC Peekers to their existing eyeglasses and can see a lot better. That’s a winning situation too.

No matter your reason for considering them, those funny little glasses called PC Peekers really can make a difference if you have issues with the computer monitor. Needing them doesn’t mean you’re getting old or that you’re eyes are bad, using PC Peekers just means that you’re finding a smart way to get your work and play done every day.

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