Free Birthday Food List Gets Harder To Maintain Every Day

I’d love to have a comprehensive (or at least decent) list of free food for your birthday on this site, but maintaining such a list is harder than ever for two reasons that I’ll explain in a moment. But I do have some information and advice for you that will help you get gifts from restaurants every year on your birthday and perhaps some times in between too.

So what are the two reasons it’s so hard to maintain a free birthday food list? First, restaurants change their offers all the time. In fact, they often reduce the quality of the offer. A place that once offered a free sandwich will change to offering free fries on your birthday or a free entrée with purchase.

The second reason it’s so hard to maintain a list of free food on your birthday is that so many companies have discovered what a great marketing opportunity this is — and there are now hundreds and perhaps thousands of restaurants and fast food establishments that have an offer. This includes many small region chains that matter only to people in a few specific cities.

I first discovered a free birthday food list several years ago, and I’ve been claiming free food ever since. I even got my mother and several friends signed up to get the free food, and they all enjoy claiming the free stuff. It’s really a lot of fun.

There are three reasons you probably don’t want to be on too many birthday lists:

1. You get emails all year. To get the free birthday food, you usually have to accept marketing emails and occasional special offers all year long. But some of these other offers are pretty good, so it’s sometimes worth it.

2. Some have too many restrictions. Some offers require that you use them on your actual birthday, and how many meals can you actually claim on your birthday? If the restaurant makes the offer dine-in only, that’s even worse.

3. The claim window is small. Even if you don’t have to claim the offer on your actual birthday, you usually have only a couple weeks to claim your offer. And how many times will you be out and around in that period with enough time to spare that you claim some offers?

I find that subscribing to a dozen or so offers from places I go anyway is plenty for me. You’ll find the ones you like best over time. But this much is certain: if you aren’t getting free food on your birthday, you’re missing out.

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