For Better Meals Every Day, Why Not Start An Indoor Herb Garden?

If you want better meals than you ever thought possible, it makes sense to start your own herb garden. And if you’re restricted on space, worried about the weather or just like to spend your time indoors, keep things on a manageable scale with an indoor herb garden.

For the very best herbs that you and your family can enjoy year-round, there are two ways to go. You can buy plants in pots or choose an indoor herb garden kit.

The first option involves simply buying small herb plants at the grocery store or a nursery and leaving them in the containers the come in. Group a selection of your favorite herbs in or near a window and see what happens. In most cases, you’ll get good results.

Watch for problems, however. Basil, for example, is fragile and requires more water than most herbs. Rosemary requires little maintenance but can easily grow large and woody, outgrowing its container and growing stems that are too tough and hard for your culinary applications.

You’ll probably have to replace a few plants over time if you take this approach, but you’ll always have mature herbs that are ready to harvest.

Another approach is to buy an indoor herb garden kit. These kits are available for order from places like Amazon and come with seeds, growing medium and one or more containers. You simply follow the directions to grow edible herbs in only a few weeks. And since the plants get used to your location from day one, they’re more likely to thrive.

Either approach works well if you want fresh herbs for your culinary creations, but I prefer to grow from seed kits because the plants are hardier. Plus, you can harvest small, immature herbs for salads — and if you do it just right, the plants will regrow again and again from the same seed. That means you can have a nearly endless supply of herbs, and that’s a great thing.

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