Eco Breeze Is A Smart Alternative To Whole House Fans

While the Eco Breeze unit looks a bit like a window air conditioner, it’s really more like a whole house window fan. But it has additional features that make it a more advanced piece of machinery than most products that call themselves window fans. Really, it’s in a class by itself.

You’ll notice right away that this unit is priced differently than window fans, but that’s because other units are so different from it that it’s hard to make a true comparison. This unit makes decisions for you.

Perhaps the best thing about this innovative unit is that it handles most of the work of ventilating your home without your intervention. It works automatically and doesn’t have to be turned off and on. Other vent fans could keep you working all day opening and closing louvers and switching things on and off, but the results aren’t as good as those you get automatically with the Eco Breeze.

My Detailed Eco Breeze Review

A lot of people are wasting their money using air conditioning systems that first cool down the air in their homes to the outside temperature and then cool it down even further to a temperature they find comfortable. With Eco Breeze — available from Amazon — you can automatically vent your home and help it reach a temperature that matches outside. Then, you can cool it down further with your AC system if you want.

In many places and during many times of the year, further cooling isn’t necessary if you can vent the heat that’s naturally produced and held in your well-insulated home.

While you’re venting that heat with this unit, the machine also pulls in drier, cooler and more comfortable air from outside. That’s just like what a whole house window fan can do for you, but the Eco Breeze does it automatically.

Here’s how it works: you adjust the thermostat on your Eco Breeze to a temperature cooler than the thermostat on your home AC system and hot interior air is exhausted. You’ll soon find that you can set your AC system even higher and still stay cool. The Eco Breeze unit uses very little electricity because there’s no powerful compressor to run.

You’ll also improve your indoor air quality because the separate supply and exhaust fans allow the dirty air inside your home to escape while the cleaner air outside comes in.

When the unit isn’t needed, the louvers close and seal tight, keeping the cool air inside your home and keeping hot air from getting in. If it’s hot and humid outside, your unit can’t help you and stays closed. In many places, mornings and evenings are cool, and you can take advantage of that cool air automatically and pull some of it into your home rather than paying to condition the hot, stale air already inside.

The unit continuously checks the temperature and humidity inside and out and decides based on where you’ve set its thermostat whether it can help at any given moment or not. When it isn’t needed, it simply stays off and closed, as if it weren’t there at all.

The unit actually has two sets of louvers so hot air can go out at the same time cool air is coming in. With other window fans, you have to open windows for cross ventilation to make them work. With the Eco Breeze, the complete system is built into one unit. That’s easier — and more secure against intruders too.

If it happens to be raining out when the unit should be on, it still works as it should without bringing in rainwater. Other kinds of window fans must be turned off in the rain.

Final Thoughts

I like the fact that this unit works in conjunction with the AC, so when set correctly the AC can take over for the Eco Breeze, meaning you always stay cool. I also like how quiet this unit is. Modern versions are quieter than ever — and the model on sale now works more effectively than those sold just a few years ago, according to reviewers. There have been significant improvements recently.

This smart machine serves two primary purposes: it increases your comfort in your home and it saves you money. If you’re not as comfortable as you’d like or your energy bill seems out of control — or both — this unit can help you. It has helped me.

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