Don’t Be Afraid Of Trying A Straight Razor, But Be Careful!

It may seem strange to tell you not to be afraid of straight razors but also to be careful, but that’s the best advice I can offer. Men around the world shaved with the best straight razor they could find for years before there were safety razors, double-blade razors, floating heads and other so-called innovations.

And most of them were just fine.

But I can understand why you’re a little scared. After all, it’s completely possible to slit your throat with an open-blade razor. But it’s also possible to kill yourself with your car, your home’s electric wiring and many other things you encounter every day — and most of us make it through the day alive.

Here are three tips to getting the best straight razor shave:

1. Don’t get a cheap razor. While you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money as some people do, you also shouldn’t depend on a cheap, dull and pitted straight razor from a drugstore or department store. Go with something that’s affordable but still has some quality to it for the best cut.

2. Keep it sharp. Whatever you get, keep it sharp. Just like boning a chicken with a dull knife can be dangerous because the knife can slip rather than cut, shaving with a dull straight razor can make it more likely to cut yourself.

3. Watch a video. There are lots of videos on YouTube and elsewhere about how to shave with a straight razor, and watching one can help you keep all your blood inside your body. You’ll get the closest and most comfortable shave of your life when you choose the best straight razor and use it correctly.

I think it’s ironic that in the same decade that beards have come back into style and become more popular than ever before, straight razor shaving is also making a comeback.

Whichever way you look at it, however, shaving with wimpy safety razors is out, especially since more and more men are discovering that there are safe and very effective alternatives.

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