Do You Have Minimalistic Tendencies?

Minimalist Living Today is designed for two kinds people: those who enjoy a simple, minimalist lifestyle and those who wonder if they might.

Could minimalist living be for you? It could be if you have minimalistic tendencies.

There are lots of articles on this site specifically designed to help readers like you understand the various aspects of simple living and topics that relate to it. But this article is about those natural tendencies that might make you more likely to related to a simple lifestyle.

Define Minimalistic

First, however, let’s define “minimalistic”. Minimalistic is an awfully complex word that means simple.

Really. Minimalism is simplicity itself, and if something is minimalistic, it’s simple — or minimal.

Minimal has several definition. One of them indicates a small amount or taking something to the slightest degree. A life that is minimalistic, therefore, is one that endures complexities to the smallest amount or degree. Complicated hairstyles, expensive wardrobes, complex cooking techniques and a needlessly inflated way of living aren’t compatible with minimalism.

Another definition of minimal in some dictionaries is “barely adequate”. Ask anyone who voluntarily subscribes to minimalist living and you’ll soon understand that minimalism is anything but barely adequate. In fact, for some, it’s the only way of life that’s rich enough to allow for experiencing the things that really matter.

Minimalistic Tendencies

The following questions could help you decide if you have minimalistic tendencies — and I hope you do:

Do you dislike dealing with corporations and systems? Does waiting on hold to service an account for which you shell out big bucks make you angry? Is the service at a restaurant never quite adequate? Would you rather have a way to serve yourself?

Do you have a hairstyle you can do yourself? If you’re a guy, do you have a stubble beard most of the time instead of being clean-shaven or bearded because both of those options take too much work?

Do you find all the choices in modern supermarkets to be overwhelming? Would you prefer to have fewer choices in the grocery store so you could spend less time shopping and more time enjoying other aspects of your life?

Do you dislike shopping for clothing because you find the prices too high and the manufacturing policies of many clothing companies questionable at best? Would you rather make the clothes you have last longer and order any essential new clothing with the fewest hassles possible?

Do you like buying second-hand items at thrift stores because you enjoy the idea of recycling, of saving money and of avoiding department stores and other traditional shopping outlets?

Do you like to cook simple meals with very few ingredients rather than complex menus that require lots of fussy measurements and multiple steps?

Would you rather eat in than eat out — especially when you think about the quality of the food you’re being offered at restaurants and the price you’re expected to pay for it?

Do you enjoy well-organized, easy-to-navigate free events and low-cost entertainment options but avoid crowded and expensive festivals and high-priced theatre shows?

Do you enjoy spending time alone reading, writing, creating art or enjoying your own company?

If you can answer “yes” to some or all of these questions, you are fortunate enough to have some minimalistic tendencies.

Continue exploring Minimalist Living Today so you can learn more about this lifestyle for which you are well-suited. And congratulations. A minimalistic life is an amazing thing.

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