Defining The Best Shaving Oil And Its Three Different Uses

The idea of shaving oil may seem strange to you, especially if you’ve been shaving with either an electric razor or with a safety razor and shaving cream all your life. But the term shaving oil really means three different things, and you can probably benefit from using some.

The term shaving oil can be applied to:

  • a product you put on before shaving cream to prevent dryness and increase the effectiveness of shaving cream,
  • a product you put on your face to soften hairs before shaving and that is used instead of shaving cream or other products, and
  • a product that is applied to the face after shaving to restore some of the oils lost during the shaving process.

The third is the least common usage of the word.

The best shaving oil is really the one that best meet yours needs. No matter which of the three uses you have in mind for your shaving oil, you can confidently choose any of the products on the market that you like. They are usually made up of several neutral oils blended together along with the addition of a scented essential oil to give the final product a minty, citrusy or woodsy scent.

When used properly, a shaving oil can help any kind of razor — a double, triple of quad-bladed safety razor or a straight razor — glide over your face with ease. When used underneath shaving cream, some guys get the best possible experience.

If you use an electric razor, check the directions for information about using shaving oil. Some will tell you that you’ll actually get a better cut if the hairs are a lightly oiled. Others will tell you to stay away from oil to prevent gumming up the works.

Also, if you have acne or are prone to skin rashes or ingrown hairs, watch carefully for problems when using a skin oil for shaving and use the lightest product you can find.

When used correctly and in the right circumstances, shaving oil can lead to a better shave and a smoother, better-looking face.

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