Choose The Best Memory Foam Pillow, Not Something From A Warehouse Store

There’s more than one brand and type of memory foam pillow on the market, of course, and some of them may not be for you. But which is best — and are there any to be avoided?

Right now, my household owns two memory foam pillows, and they aren’t alike. I sleep on one that I bought online that’s really been meeting my needs very well. I bought it because I was having lots of neck pain during the night that was keeping me awake and also leading to pain all day long. I chose the best memory foam pillow I could find, then I ordered it. I haven’t been disappointed with it at all.

Mine is a solid chunk of memory foam that’s contoured to make my neck comfortable. Even after more than a year, the foam still supports my head and bounces back into its original position when not in use.

My sleeping companion liked my memory foam pillow so well that I decided to buy her one too. But rather than order it, I picked up one at a local big-box wholesale store. She likes it okay — and it was less expensive than mine — but it’s not the same thing. It’s a lumpy pillow full of loose scraps of memory foam. She has to fluff it up each night and it goes flat by morning, but it’s still miles ahead of a traditional down or foam pillow. And she doesn’t have neck problems, so it doesn’t matter as much for her.

So while those loose-scrap pillows are fine for some people, next time I’ll buy her a solid chunk memory foam pillow like mine. I have no complaints with mine, and I’m sure she’ll like hers too. After all, it’s intended to reduce nighttime pressure on your head so you can sleep better, and it does just that.

And I’ll order my next one as I did with my first one. Even if cheap ones work acceptably in some cases, I won’t waste my money with a knockoff from the warehouse store again.

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