Choose A Compact Air Purifier That Never Needs To Have Its Filter Replaced

There’s no doubt that air purifiers make a real difference in the indoor air quality wherever you use them. Just take a look at the filter after a couple of weeks and see for yourself how much particulate matter has been removed from the air you breathe. And that doesn’t even take into account all the microscopic particles captured that you can’t see.

But filters are very expensive. If you change them as often as you’re supposed to, the cost can really mount up.

That’s why I’m so pleased I tried the Honeywell HFD-010, a compact air purifier that never need to have its filter replaced. A simple cleaning is all that’s required to keep this machine’s filter performing well for years, making this unit the best compact air purifier I own because of its effectiveness and low cost of ownership.

I also have some other Honeywell air purifiers that do a great job. But here’s the problem: those disposable-filter units cost less than $40, but replacement filters are required every 4 months, and they cost $15 or more each. That means that every year I’m paying more than the cost of the unit in filters. It’s tempting to let the filters stay in a little longer, but that really defeats the purpose of having these units in the first place.

With the Honeywell HFD-010 a little maintenance is required, but there’s no need to lay out some of my hard earned money three or four times a year for new filters. And as far as I can tell, this unit does just as well as the ones with disposable filters.

No matter what type of air purifier you choose, Honeywell is the way to go. I’ve had others, and all have let me down. But Honeywell is a great brand for heaters, air purifiers and just about anything else the brand sells. That’s why there are always several Honeywell products in my home at any given time.

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