Can’t Find A Case For A 9 Inch Tablet? You Have Options

If you can’t find a case that’s a close fit for your 9-inch Android tablet, you’re not alone. These 9-inch tablets aren’t as common as 7-inch or 10-inch models, so finding the right case can be a challenge.

I tried one of those universal Android tablet cases with the stretchy straps that pull out to precisely fit the corners of many different sizes of tablets, but the clips and straps made the case so bulky that it wouldn’t even close properly.

I really wanted a keyboard case, and one model available on Amazon caught my attention. But it was only for tablets up to 9.3 inches wide, and, of course, mine is 9.45 inches wide.

So I decided I was going to have to adapt something to fit.

And here’s what I learned: there are lots of cases for old model iPads on clearance everywhere. At a local Office Depot, I found a keyboard case designed for third and fourth generation iPads and iPad 2s marked down from over $30 to less than $10. Would it work?

My Digital2 9-inch Android Tablet exactly fits in an old iPad case in width when turned the long way. It’s not the same overall dimensions, however. The shorter side is less than 6 inches on my tablet, so the case is about 1.5 inches too big in that direction.

But the deal was so good and the keyboard works so well that I decided to live with this small flaw. (Yes, a Bluetooth keyboard designed for an iPad will usually work just fine with an Android tablet.) Using some of the foam filler that was inside the case when I bought it, I cut a filler strip to allow my tablet to sit nicely in the space available.

Since my tablet is of a nonstandard size, from a lesser-known company and 9 inches instead of 7 or 10 inches, my only other alternative would have been to buy a case from the maker for more than $45.00 plus shipping. And I certainly didn’t want to do that. I didn’t even like the design of the only model offered on the maker’s website.

I’m happy with my improvised case, and it’s a great alternative when nothing else you can find at any store will fit. Maybe something similar will work for you.

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