Can Shaving With A Straight Razor Save You Money?

It’s absolutely possible for guys to save money on shaving when they switch to a straight razor.

I admit I had to turn to a guy friend for some information to fill out this article, but I’m writing it because I suddenly realized how expensive it is for guys to shave every day. Razors cost from a few dollars to $20 or more EACH — and then there’s the shaving cream, oils and other stuff guys use.

It’s just one of those things that suddenly struck me. Shaving for a guy is incredible expensive. And of course, women shave their legs, and that costs a bit too. I guess it’s possible for women to shave their legs with a straight razor, although I’m not bold enough to try that yet.

When I talked to my guy friend Marco about shaving, I was surprised to find that he’s been straight razor shaving for a couple of years. He told me that he used Gillette’s fancy razors until he made the switch. He estimates that he saves $260 a year straight razor shaving.

There was a bit of an investment in the razor at first, but he’s been able to sharpen the blade and then only occasionally replace it ever since. He sprang for a fairly expensive straight razor to start with and still managed to save money in the first year.

He said he switched to see if he could get a closer shave and not have a five o’clock shadow at 2 p.m. — and it worked. But it turns out that Marco is as value-conscious as I am. When he learned that using a straight razor does a better job and saves him money, he decided to never turn back.

As it turns out, Marco is a smart dude — and he certainly looks better than ever. The straight razor must have something to do with that.

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