Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit Combines Value With Quality

Finding the best straight razor shaving kit is a bit of a challenge because not many big-name makers bother with straight razors anymore. While they were the only option for decades, today many guys are more interested in multi-blade safety razors and designer stubble.

But straight razors are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and many men are looking for the right straight razor shaving kit to help them get started.

The recent interest in straight razor shaving has come about because young men are learning what their fathers and grandfathers knew decades ago: it’s easier, works better and isn’t dangerous at all when done properly. Razor bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation are practically unheard of for experienced real-blade users.

Isn’t it time you located the right kit for your needs? I found the right one for me. I like to experiment with different looks and different experiences. When I’m not using my stubble trimmer or growing out my beard, I like to shave with the kit I review below. Could it be right for you too?

My Straight Razor Shaving Kit Review

After looking around quite a bit and making a few purchasing mistakes, I discovered the Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7-Piece Shaving Set — available from Amazon. With the seven items I needed to get started right away, it’s a more complete set than many others and comes at a fair, reasonable price, especially when you consider how much is included.

This kit features a Haryali London straight razor and 18-inch leather strop as well as a soft badger-hair shaving brush, strop paste, shaving soap, a steel bowl and a honing stone that’s perfectly sized for this medium-sized razor. They market it as the “ultimate” set of its kind, and it’s easy to see why. Few name-brand products are available in this category but this set includes a blade from a good maker, and this is the most complete set I’ve found.

It’s funny that men sometimes call using a real blade “extreme shaving” because a few decades ago, shaving with your own straight razor shaving kit was the only option. You could have a beard or you could maintain a set of your favorite tools and products if you wanted to be clean-shaven.

My straight razor shaving kit came with a razor that was pre-sharpened and ready to go. Some users report that theirs came unsharpened, but either is okay. Learning to sharpen a blade is part of shaving the classical way anyway.

Before I ordered my set, I was concerned because a couple of reviewers had noted problems like a broken handle when the kit arrived, but after I examined my purchase I reread those reviews. They either dropped the handle or did something else they shouldn’t have. If the handle is accidentally broken during packaging or shipping, however, sending it back is easy. The handle looks sturdy to me, so maybe it’s been improved since those reviews.

In any case, you may see similar sets online for a little less money, but you’ll probably notice that they come with fewer pieces or are of lower quality. Even as a beginner, it makes sense to go for the best you can afford. You’ll be using this straight razor, strop, bowl and brush for years. You’ll have to get more soap and perhaps replace the stone eventually, but many of this set’s components will last you a long time.

If you’re a mom or dad reading this, this makes a great gift for a son who’s showing interest in old-fashioned ways of doing things or who doesn’t get along very well with electric shavers or the kinds of razors they sell in discount stores. A friend of mine bought this set on my recommendation as a gift to his son who’s interested in knives and swords and he was thrilled. He now uses it every day. You’ll probably use yours daily too.

Some Final Comments

Let’s face it: guys like our toys. And we like to feel connected with generations gone by. With the Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set, it’s possible to perform your daily grooming tasks just like your forefathers did — only with hot water right out of the faucet! They may not have had that luxury.

While you may find a cheaper or less complete straight razor shaving kit, I don’t think you’ll find a better one. And you certainly won’t find one that’s a complete set with everything you need to get started using it right away.

And once you use it, don’t be surprised if you never go for the designer stubble look again. You’ll get a comfortable shave that’s closer than you ever thought possible, and you can repeat that perfection every day of your life if you want. Click here to learn more about this shaving set at Amazon.

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