Best Air Purifier For Medium Rooms Is From Hamilton Beach

Perhaps the one thing that leads to the most dissatisfaction with air purifiers is choosing a model that isn’t powerful enough for the room in which you’ll be using it. While there are many good Honeywell air purifiers on the market — and plenty from other respected brands as well — I like a Hamilton Beach air purifier for the larger rooms in my house.

I have air purifiers all over the house, but in the living room where the ceilings are higher and it’s open to the kitchen and all the cooking smells that come with it, some units I tried didn’t do a good job of getting rid of dust and odors. I ended up moving them to other rooms.

The best Hamilton Beach air purifier for medium-sized rooms is the Hamilton Beach 04383 or 04383A. It’s made to clean the air within a room that’s 160 square feet in size — just the size of many living rooms.

What I particularly like is that the unit isn’t too large. It has a tower shape that doesn’t take up a lot of room. And all you have to do is periodically vacuum the filter out to keep this unit working like it should. That’s better than buying new filters every couple months.

I simply set mine on low and leave it on all the time, day and night. It makes a little more noise than I like at higher speeds, but it’s hardly noticeable at low, and that seems to do a good enough job of reducing dust and getting rid of smells.

Not all air purifiers are the same. There are good ones available from several different brands. But for medium rooms with dust and odor problems, there’s no better choice than this Hamilton Beach model.

Once you realize how much better the air in your home feels when you start using air purifiers, you’ll never go without them again. They really do make that much of a difference.

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