Best Air Purifier Actually Makes The Air In Your Home Feel Cleaner

I’m sold on air purifiers because they’ve helped decrease my congestion, decrease the dust in my home and more. And they mean that odors in my home don’t linger anymore. But what surprised me the most when I first started using air purifiers is that they make the air insider my home actually feel cleaner.

Air purifiers are simple machines that work by capturing particles in the air that pass through the machine and then blowing the air out, stirring the air in the whole room and hopefully bringing some additional dirty air from another part of the room to them so they can clean it as well. Those particles that it captures could be dust, pet dander, odor molecules or even bacteria or viruses. A good air purifier will capture nearly all the different kinds of particulate matter in the air.

I was surprised how well the best air purifier on the market does away with odors. In my house, there are cat odors, the occasional odors from cooking and the trash can, and in some seasons there’s a dusty, dirty smell. My air purifiers have eliminated all those odors.

But what surprised me the most when I first starting using air filtration devices was how the air genuinely felt cleaner. I especially noticed this when using the ionizing feature that some units have, although it isn’t necessary that a unit have an ionize for you to get this benefit.

At first, I didn’t use the ionization because there’s conflicting information about whether or not ionized particles are good for you. But once I decided to give the ionizer a try, I was hooked. Since it increases the size of particles, more are captured and everything about the unit works better.

One feature to look for if price is an issue is a permanent filter you can clean instead of one that has to be replaced every few years. These permanent filters work great, can be washed or vacuumed — and you never have to pay $15 to $50 for a new filter. That’s a big savings over time even if these units cost a bit more to start with.

If you want to get rid of odors, bacteria, dust and more, choose the right air purifier — and make a real difference in how your home feels.

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