Automatic Whole House Window Fan Is Superior To Other Models

Someone should have thought of this sooner: a whole house window fan that takes care of turning itself on and off whenever it senses a need to clear out the stale air in your home. The Eco Breeze does just that, and the price is more affordable than you might imagine for this advanced technology.

The purpose of a whole house window fan, attic fan or similar ventilation device is to rid your home or other location of stale, humid, hot air and pull in cooler, drier and fresher air from outside. This works great in lots of situations, particularly if it gets hot in the daytime but cool in the nighttime where you live.

The Eco Breeze whole house window fan is a step up from most similar products because it actually knows what it’s doing. It has separate vents that push out hot air and pull in cooler outside air. And when and if the device comes on is controlled for you based on the settings you decide on. Unlike devices you have to turn on and off when you need them, this one takes the guesswork and the hard work out of owning the product and takes action for you.

When the unit isn’t needed, the vents close very tightly and don’t let and air in our out. That means that you can use central air conditioning in the same room with this product and none of it will escape though the Eco Breeze vents as it would through other window fans. In fact, most other window fan makers recommend removing the units from the windows when not in use for added security and to prevent conditioned air from escaping, but that isn’t necessary with the Eco Breeze.

Maybe I’m underselling the many great features of the Eco Breeze, but the fact that it turns on and off automatically and the fact that it seals tightly when it isn’t needed are more than enough to sell me on this product. What more could you really want?

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