Are You Really Vain Enough To Consider A Beard Transplant?

Yes, beard transplants are possible these days. The trend started in some of America’s largest cities, apparently, but it’s spreading. Basically, any doctor that can do hair transplants or cosmetic surgery can learn to do beard transplants, but there are still relatively few who are well-trained, and more importantly, experienced.

But is a beard transplant really necessary? If you have scarring you want to cover, that might be a good reason. But other than vanity, what reason could you have for wanting a beard transplant? Beards are in fashion, but shaved faces are never completely out of style either.

Here are three great reason you don’t really need a beard transplant:

1. Beard hairs develop over time. Lots of guys think that if they don’t have good facial hair at 18, they’ll never have any. But facial hair continues to come in and get more dense for years. Even into their 40s, guys get more facial hair (and hair elsewhere on their bodies). So you may just need to wait for the dense beard you want.

2. Individuality is always best. Grow what you have — or dare to be clean shaven. We all think about what it would be like to have something we don’t — like a smaller nose or a different eye color — but there are people who are attracted to all types. Be an individual, like yourself as you are and enjoy whatever facial hair you have. You don’t need to be like other guys.

3. It’s surgery! Getting a beard transplant is surgery, and there’s a risk of complications and scarring. In other words, you could get really sick from having it done or you could look worse. And since facial hair changes as you age anyway, you can’t be sure how it will look when the gray hair comes in later in life or when your natural beard gets more dense.

Diversity is good thing for the continuation of the species, and we shouldn’t all want to look alike. If you’re seriously thinking about a beard transplant, take a step back and ask yourself why you’re not happy with yourself as you are.

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