5 Signs You’re Meant For The Simple Life

Anyone can learn to live more simply, but some people are better cut out for the simple life than others. Are you one of those people? I certainly am, and I’m finding greater happiness that I ever imagined by simplifying my approach to life.

Minimalist living could be the right lifestyle choice for you. Here are five sure signs that you’re perfectly suited for minimalist living — whether you know it or not:

1. When you go to the mall with your friends, you just have an ice cream cone and sit on one of those really hard benches in the hallway.

Minimalists don’t shop for enjoyment because we realize that everything we own draws away a little piece of our time and attention because it must be cleaned, stored and moved, among other things.

In fact, you can be even more certain you have what I call minimalistic tendencies if you simply decline those invitations to go out shopping in the first place.

2. Those commercials on television designed to sell burgers or fried chicken make you hungry, but you’d rather eat a simply prepared pasta dish, perhaps without meat, than whatever the commercial is trying to sell you.

Those of us who choose a simple life usually prefer simple meals to more complex ones. That doesn’t mean you never have a piece of high-fat fried chicken or a complex composed salad at a fancy French restaurant. It means that when you cook for yourself, you usually stick to two or three ingredients and focus on simple preparation techniques.

Simple food prepared in a way that isn’t complicated is often more satisfying to those who choose a minimalist lifestyle than complex and expensive dishes.

3. You don’t get hungry watching television commercials because you don’t have a TV.

Almost everyone has a television, but there are some people who don’t. Perhaps some don’t have one because they can’t afford the cost of the set or a cable or satellite subscription, but others choose not to clutter their homes with televisions because they don’t find any value in the programming stations and networks present.

Having a television is probably a good idea for weather bulletins and to keep up with news to make you a better conversationalist, but it’s hard to see any value in reality shows or afternoon talkers.

4. When people talk about waxing, highlighting and silicone, you assume they’re talking about their cars.

Sure, you take care of yourself, but if you lean toward minimalism, you don’t spend hours in a beauty salon or spa removing unwanted hair, straightening, curling or dying the hair you want or plumping up the parts of your body that naturally sag.

Minimalists like me are most often realists too, and that means we aren’t concerned with a few laugh lines or a head full of gray hair.

5. You spend your life laughing at or crying for those who make things more complicated than they ought to be.

Ideally, our lifestyle choices shouldn’t come with judgment toward others who choose a different path, but it’s hard not to speak out when you see people living lives that are clearly out of control.

The website Minimalist Living Today is one guy’s place to write about the silliness of lives that involve too much of the so-called good things and focus too little attention on the things that really matter.

If you’re feeling the need to speak out, I hope you won’t be judgmental, but I hope you’ll tell your friends and perhaps the world about your evolving lifestyle beliefs.

A Final Thought

If you’re destined for a simple life, you probably already know it. I suggest you take charge of your life and move it in a direction that closely aligns with your beliefs. That means shedding any attachment to what others think of you and your choices — and working to declutter and simplify your life so it’s saner and more fun.

You deserve a fun, intelligent life with as few unnecessary complications as possible.

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