4 Ways To Add Moisture To Your Home Without Using A Humidifier

There’s more than one way to add humidity and moisture to the air in your home so you’ll sleep better, breathe better and not have such dry skin. You can even decrease static electricity with humidity. The easiest is to buy a humidifier — and there are some affordable brands and types on the market. But there are other ways too.

Here are four great ways to humidify your house:

1. Get some plants. Plants naturally release moisture into your home’s air during their transpiration process. They actually give off more humidity when it’s especially dry, like when you have the heat on. Make sure you have plants throughout your home for best results.

2. Do some laundry. But here’s the thing: don’t dry it using the dryer. When you use the dryer, you vent all that moisture out of your home. When you dry on racks in your home, the water is released into your home, increasing indoor humidity.

3. Turn off the bathroom vent fan. When you take a shower, you may be venting all that beneficial humidify that the shower creates out of your home. And you don’t want that. Instead, turn off the vent fan and let this humidity spread through your home, making everyone more comfortable.

4. Set up some fountains. Indoor fountains don’t cost much, and you can often find them at thrift stores. They gently evaporate their running water into the air. Just be aware that many fountains cost more than humidifier, so don’t pay full price for one just for adding moisture.

If you want to buy a humidifier, I recommend the Vicks Warm Mist Humdifier. That’s what I now use. I only have one of them, however, so when it’s especially dry I do everything I can to capture more humidity from my shower and from the laundry. I also have several plants, but probably not enough.

Just remember that every little thing helps when humidifying your home — even boiling water for pasta. And a little bit of humidity can make a big difference in a lot of ways.

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